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Chapter One

I Surrender to You


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Chapter Five



Fr Rob Galea


We are left here in this desert place

Wondering how we’ve fallen so far from grace

The fear, the pain, the thunder in the rain

What have we become?

What have we just done?


 We are called to be Your hands and feet

To heal the lame and lift them to their feet

Bring joy from pain, a rainbow in the rain

What have we become?

Forgive us for what we’ve done.


Bring us to our knees

Turn our hearts to You please

Purify our tainted hearts God


We’re crying out to You now

For your truth and Your love

Heal Your people and save us

From what we have become


It’s You alone who breaks away the chains

Brings a love that this world can’t contain

We’re crying out, for You to have your way

We lay it down today

Redeem us now we pray


We’re crying out for mercy

We’re crying out for mercy

We’re crying out for mercy

Jesus forgive us now



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