Fr Rob Galea and Band are offering day workshops suitable for schools. Fr Rob travels with a full band, made up of VIT qualified teachers who specialise in music, performance, testimony and worship. They have toured with him nationally and internationally and also passionately support the work of the Church, especially in seeing young people growing in their walk with God. Fr Rob and his band also offer workshops for staff in growing compassion and commitment to serving their school community, and in deepening their ownfaith walks.

Fr Rob is offering the following in 2017 (Fr Rob is booked out for 2016):

Testimony and Outreach

Fr Rob and band will present to large or small groups encouraging faith in students through sharing his testimony through word and song. Sessions are interactive and engaging, using story telling, humour and music to relate his own faith and vocation journey to youth.  Depending on the school’s preferences this could be a whole school event or in smaller setting (i.e. year level or particular student cohort).

Loving Our Liturgy

Students will work closely with Fr Rob and his band on an understanding of the Liturgy and how to choose and present appropriate music in a liturgical setting. This will include vocal and instrument arrangement, and performance expression for parts of the mass.

Song Writing

Fr Rob and Band will work with students to compose and arrange a song. By the end of the workshop students will be equippedwith knowledge and resources on how to effectively craft and present their own musical creations, which could be used within the worship life of the college.

Faith Development

Fr Rob will spend time with classes speaking about particular faith-related subjects. This time could be utilised to discuss or ask Fr Rob any ‘curly’ questions. During this time the band can work with the school musicians and choir on the instrumentation of songs for the liturgy or the afternoon concert.


Fr Rob and team will address the issue of fear. Often fear of failure, fear of others or situations are the cause of person not reaching their God-given potential. Fear is inevitable, but we can overcome this fear if we learn to 'Do it Scared!'


End of school day concert

During this session Fr Rob and Band will wrap up the day with a short concert. The concert would present any compositions crafted, or liturgical songs workshopped throughout the day. This session could be for the whole school, classes or particular groups of students.

Staff PD

Fr Rob will seek to inspire staff in ways of engaging young people in their faith. This will be a good opportunity for opendiscussion on faith and faith-engagement issues. This session (or full day) will be interspersed with music to make for an enjoyable end to the day.


Please note: Each session and workshop can be tailored to suit the school’s particular needs and interests. Primary schools may elect short workshops with a focus on faith through interactive music and activities.

For booking enquiries please contact